About Dr. John W. Worley

Dr. John W. Worley

35 Years Psychometric Assessment and Interpretation Experience!

After years of private practice as a Clinical Psychologist, teaching, and corporate coaching using the best methods available, my file cabinets overstuffed with all kinds of assessment instruments from all the publishing houses, thousands of dollars’ worth of instruments, qualified on all of them, your name and I had it, and then I came to an astonishing conclusion.

Most people have no idea what they really want. Or for that matter, who they really are! All the instruments on the market could not get to the core of their pain that they lived with day in and day out and they could not understand why they felt the way they felt and behaved the way they behaved.  These instruments were like throwing darts at a revolving target trying to hit a fly on the target. 

That’s still causing a world of hurt.

I resolved to create a tool to fix that.

The outcome was a ground-breaking psychometric assessment, Worley’s ID Profile.  It is used with overwhelmingly positive reviews by clinicians for individuals, schools, and families.

In my book I speak about why it's radically different from other profiling systems. And once you see the concept it's simple it's not complex it’s a psychometric instrument. A mathematical formula that provides concrete evidence about who your clients are based on their temperament.

Expect miracles.

One of the most prominent consultants and trainers in the field of temperament analysis, Dr. John W. Worley tackles persistent problems plaguing counselors, often in the role of clinician to the clinicians, consultant to the consultants, and coach to the coaches.

Dr. Worley, whose Ph.D. is in Marriage and Family Therapy, has studied extensively in the U.S. and in Israel.  A 15-year U.S. Army veteran, Worley was wounded in Vietnam.  Dr. Worley has spent almost four decades in private practice and consulting to counselors and organizations. Dr Worley has 37 Years Psychometric Assessment and Interpretation Experience!

He is the author of "Inside Insight" (2019, HarperCollins), a book in which for the first time he reveals how he came to develop the WIDP.  “Inside Insight” is the “Counselor Handbook” “Mapping Guide,” for developing a deeper understanding of WIDP and temperament if they are not WIDP Certified. It is also for the average person who wants to understand themselves and others around them. You can track your own temperament in the book and read about yourself and change your own life with your profile and the book. It will be life-changing for you and those around you.

Dr. Worley lives in Massachusetts.