Worley's Identity Discovery Profile

A life-altering personality inventory used worldwide with stunning results

See for yourself

Available for youth ages 6-16


Also available in Spanish and Portuguese


The most important 10 minutes of your life

Improve Relationships

You’ll understand what you expect and how your family and friends see you. A powerful tool for insight and harmony in your marriage, parenting, and friendships.

Jumpstart your team

Quick, effort-free assessment helps you pick the right person for the job, identify strengths in staff, and fix problems in your team.

Grow yourself

Make the most of your own unique approach to life! You are exceptional, and this report will leverage your best qualities to achieve your social, leadership, and personal goals.

What you see on the surface

is only a fragment of the picture

This profile can align your outer persona with your true inner expectations, provide crystal-clear vision about your team, and boost your organization’s performance.

➢ Six to eight-page highly individualized report
➢ Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese, worldwide
➢ Only pay once. No hidden subscription fees.
➢ View or print your results anytime you like, wherever you are

Expect miracles!

Why the WIDP?

Why the WIDP? Numbers don't lie!

This small investment of time provides life-altering insight based on a measurable, mathematical forumula that's been at work worldwide for a decade. 

Why was this created?

Why was this created? Real change

Dr. John W. Worley saw the same people returning time after time for short-term fixes to what were clearly long-term issues. He wanted something more to offer ... and that's the WIDP.

Who is it for?

Who is it for? In short, you!

Your 10 minutes will generate a 6 to 8-page temperament assessment that you will want to read over and over!

What Clients Say About Us

“Worley's Identity Discovery Profile very rapidly and precisely pinpointed my temperamental traits, (and) aspects of my family's interpersonal dynamics that demanded improvement.”
-- Jurandyr de Souza Fonseca, M.Sc., Colonel Aviator (Retired), Brazilian Air Force

“A great asset to any company to realize who, what, and why we are who we are as an individual.”
-- Lewis Charles Burckholter, restaurant owner

“Knowing that organizations, churches, orphanages, families, and relationships, to name a few, are all simply the people within them, the WIDP allows a person to enter into any conversation or situation on a common understanding and to love each other as the each needs to be loved.”
-- Sam Stevens, entrepreneur and company owner