Worley's Identity Discovery Profile

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Available for youth ages 6-16


Also available in Spanish and Portuguese


Understand your employees

What you see on the surface is only a fragment of the picture. The Worley Identity Profile will give you valuable insight into each employee’s motivation and help you help them harness their true potential.

Access results worldwide

Wherever you are, the WIDP goes with you! There are no cultural barriers; our online assessment tool is used with stunning results all over the world.  Currently available to administer in Spanish and Portuguese as well as English.

Only pay once

We won’t ask you to buy a monthly subscription.  Your WIDP results are YOURS:  to download, keep, print and refer back to whenever you need insight.

The 10 minutes

that show you who YOU really are.

You have more going for you than you realize! Most people have little understanding of their own assets. This temperament profile will unveil strengths that you may have only suspected, and show you how to put them to work for you. 

Even more life-changing is the degree to which the WIDP will align your  outer persona and behavior with your true inner expectations.

Expect miracles!

Why the WIDP?

Why the WIDP? Numbers don't lie!

This small investment of time provides life-altering insight based on a measurable, mathematical forumula that's been at work worldwide for a decade. 

Why was this created?

Why was this created? Real change

Dr. John W. Worley saw the same people returning time after time for short-term fixes to what were clearly long-term issues. He wanted something more to offer ... and that's the WIDP.

Who is it for?

Who is it for? In short, you!

Your 10 minutes will generate a 6 to 8-page temperament assessment that you will want to read over and over!

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