Worley's Identity Discovery Profile (WIDP)

A Counselor's & Human Resource Directors "MUST HAVE" Tool! WIDP is the counselor's "MUST HAVE" Tool! Provides critical psychological insight and is billable CPT 96130/96131. Your ROI is almost immediate, your clients benefit, and your income increases!WIDP is the HR Directors answers to placement issues, diversity training, new hire selection, team development, leadership development, sales teams building, remote development selection, and upward progress tool for developing people and organizations. This is the tool! WIDP! www.WIDP.org

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Available in: Spanish and Portuguese


The most important 10 minutes of your Client's INTAKE PROCESS..."WIDP!"

Develop Your Clients

Make WIDP one of your unique approaches to therapy. WIDP is a fascinating instrument. Being in the human rescue initiatives, extraordinary calling, and this WIDP report will leverage your best qualities as a professional counselor to enhance their personal growth and, improve their quality of life.



Clinical Directors & INDEPENDENTS!!!!

WIDP will increase your revenue and is a quick assessment, computerized, get results immediately, HIPAA Compliant, helps you pick the right counselor for the right client, identify strengths in staff, and fix problems in your team.

Increase Your Revenue Stream

WIDP assessment meets the psychological testing evaluation qualifications requirement for third party billing.

CPT 96130 & 96131 Psychological testing evaluation services by physician or other qualified health care professional, including integration of patient data, interpretation of standardized test results and clinical data, clinical decision making, treatment planning and report, and interactive feedback to the patient, family member(s) or caregiver(s), when performed; first hour.

What you see on the

surface of a client

is only a portion of their core


In minutes WIDP Profile will provide you more irrefutable and diagnostic information about your client(s) that would normally take 6 – 12 months to discover. With this newfound information you can help your clients identify with their true inner expectations. Your professional guidance with WIDP is based on computable evidence.

➢ Six to eight-page highly individualized report
➢ Available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, Adult, and Youth (ages 6 – 16)
➢ View or print your results anytime you like, wherever you are

Expect experiences that counselors cherish!

What Clients Say About Us

“Worley's Identity Discovery Profile very rapidly and precisely pinpointed my temperamental traits, (and) aspects of my family's interpersonal dynamics that demanded improvement.”
-- Jurandyr de Souza Fonseca, M.Sc., Colonel Aviator (Retired), Brazilian Air Force

“A great asset to any company to realize who, what, and why we are who we are as an individual.”
-- Lewis Charles Burckholter, restaurant owner

“Knowing that organizations, churches, orphanages, families, and relationships, to name a few, are all simply the people within them, the WIDP allows a person to enter into any conversation or situation on a common understanding and to love each other as the each needs to be loved.”
-- Sam Stevens, entrepreneur and company owner