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Character, Personality, and Behavior will change over time. 

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What Clients Say About Us

"Worley's Identity Discovery Profile very rapidly and precisely pinpointed my temperamental traits, (and) aspects of my family's interpersonal dynamics that demanded improvement."
-- Jurandyr de Souza Fonseca, M.Sc., Colonel Aviator (Retired), Brazilian Air Force

"A great asset to any person to realize who, what, and why they are who they are as an individual!"
-- Lewis Charles Burckholter, restaurant owner

"The WIDP helped me realize where my social anxieties and challenges were stemming from. This knowledge set me free from my baseless fears and allowed me to flourish in both work and personal relationships. As a result, I'm far less stressed and, therefore, a much happier person! So grateful for the knowledge of WIDP." 
Anonymous 2021