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Licensed Counselors are NOT REQUIRED WIDP Certification to Purchase and use WIDP. Be proficient! Get Certified!


WIDP is Third Party Administration (TPA) Quick ROI!

WIDP is a "Class C" Clinical Profile billable under: CPT 96130 and CPT 96131 Psychological testing evaluation services by physician or other qualified healthcare professional, including integration of patient data, interpretation of standardized test results and clinical data, clinical decision making, treatment planning and report, and interactive feedback to the patient, family member(s) or caregiver(s), when performed; first hour.



Full tuition & fees are due and payable upon certification registration unless other arrangements are approved in advance. WIDP recognizes that in some instances a definite need for installment payments of certification exists and, therefore, allows students to pay the certification fees in installments. Tuition payments must be received each calendar month until tuition is paid in full and to maintain an active account.



Psychiatrists, Psychologist, Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors, Pastoral Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapist, Education Psychologist, Applied Behavioral Analyst, Rehabilitation Counselors, and Professional Counselors!

Two points!

1. Your clients Character, Personality, and Behavior will change in a moment!

2. TEMPERAMENT that's determined at conception, NEVER changes!

If you don't know the distinct differences between the four; Character, Personality, Behavior and TEMPERAMENT you'll not understand your client's true needs and desires.

WIDP is the most powerful instruments you'll ever find for assessing your clients innermost needs and desires. You will not find another instrument that will perform like this one. You'll be impressed!

Your clients will be enamored by your ability to bring to the forefront of their lives the discovery of their temperament using WIDP.  For them, this will be life-changing because of your skills as a WIDP Certified temperament expert. 

Using the WIDP profiling system you will become proficient in understanding and knowing why Temperament is superior to the three-character, personality, and behavior.

Your state licenses qualify you to use Worley's Identity Discovery Profile (WIDP) System without further training! Purchase and begin using WIDP today, or become WIDP Certified as an Associate, Affiliate, or Affiliate Manager. Then you will understand temperament, and be one up on your competitors! A 5- 10 hour course over two days, five hours each day. Ten (10) CEU's available!

WIDP is HIPAA Compliant, Meets CPT 96130 & CPT 96131 TPA, and your ROI is quick, and 10 - 16 pages of clinical data summaries for those additional insurance session allocation reports.

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Worley's Identity Discovery Profile (WIDP) Inc. 

Temperament Certification

What Clients Say About Us

"Worley's Identity Discovery Profile very rapidly and precisely pinpointed my temperamental traits, (and) aspects of my family's interpersonal dynamics that demanded improvement."
-- Jurandyr de Souza Fonseca, M.Sc., Colonel Aviator (Retired), Brazilian Air Force

"A great asset to any person to realize who, what, and why they are who they are as an individual!"
-- Lewis Charles Burckholter, restaurant owner

"The WIDP helped me realize where my social anxieties and challenges were stemming from. This knowledge set me free from my baseless fears and allowed me to flourish in both work and personal relationships. As a result, I'm far less stressed and, therefore, a much happier person! So grateful for the knowledge of WIDP." 
Anonymous 2021