John W. Worley, Ph. D.,
President, L.M.H.C., L.M.F.T., D.A.P.A.
President and Founder
Worley's ID Profile, Inc.

Dr. Worley is a clinical psychologist and has an earned Ph.D. in Marriage & Family Therapy, and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology.  Dr. Worley has twenty-eight years experience in organizational, educational, consulting, coaching, seminar presentations, and teaching. 

Dr. Worley is a native of Ohio and has been a resident of Groton, Massachusetts since 1974. He and his wife Barbara Ann Worley, Vice President and Partner of Worleys ID Profile, Inc., have been married for 40 years and have four daughters, two sons-in-laws, six granddaughters, and one grandson.  He has been a leader in many capacities to include the following: President and founder of Worleys ID Profile, Inc. (WIDP), President and Clinical Director of Counseling in Groton, and President and founder of Leadership Development Associates (L.D.A.). 

Dr. Worley holds two professional licenses in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Mental Health Clinical Counselor (MHCC) and Marriage and Family Therapist (M&FT).  Dr. Worley is a Clinical Member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapist (A.A.M.F.T.), Clinical Member of the Massachusetts Association Marriage & Family Therapist (MaAMFT), Diplomat American Psychotherapies Association (DAPA), Certified Sports Psychologist (CSP), Certified Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis (T.J.T.A.) Family Counseling & Enrichment, Individual, Marriage, Family and Child Counseling, Associate of Carlson Learning Company (A.K.A.; Performax and/or DiSC); Certified Behavioral Therapist from the Institute for Motivational Living (I.M.L.)(Behavioral Certification), Diplomat Member of the Institute of Behavioral Science (D.I.B.S.), Charter Member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (A.A.C.C.), Vocational Counselor with Honolulu University, Notary Public in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and holds an Advanced Teachers Certificate. 

Dr. Worley is a 15-year U.S. Army veteran and was wounded in Vietnam.  Dr. Worley has many years of personal experience in dealing with problems that plague corporations, educational institutions, families, and individuals. This personal experience, coupled with his extensive educational background, has earned him the reputation of being one of the best-qualified consultants and trainers in the trade today.  Any individual or corporation who seeks reliable consulting or training can be assured of receiving the best professional services available from Worleys ID Profile, Inc. 

As a clinical therapist with twenty-eight years combined consulting and counseling experience, Dr. Worley has tried virtually every psychological, behavioral, temperament, and personality questionnaires available in todays market.   

Much time is spent during the initial intake process assessing individuals before an effective treatment plan can be put into place.  Dr. Worley was searching for a comprehensive profile that would help him assist professional counselors helping families and individuals to better understand themselves based upon their uniqueness.  This required a simple questionnaire that would measure their needs and desires. Dr. Worley could not find any psychological, behavioral, or personality profile anywhere that would accomplish the task. 

What Dr. Worley got from all the tests, profiles, instruments, and questionnaires he tried, besides being thousands of dollars poorer, were complex graphs, charts, demeaning individual labels, captivating adjectives, and very little benefit to his individuals or him.  Every test certainly had its good points, but who wants to administer ten different test to each individual? 

The frustrations that Dr. Worley encountered during the last three decades were that most assessments and profiles measure and focus on objective behavior.  The objective behavior approach is acceptable for focused therapy, behavioral modification, or application in a vocational setting, whether it is the mega-corporation or the private individual practice. When one is actively dealing with observable behavior that is of a conflict nature, emotional or intellectual, the necessary changes that need to be made within that persons behavior are obvious. In these situations behavioral modification is necessary and in most cases will produce acceptable results, although the behavioral modification will only be temporary.  Temporary results are realized because the root needs and desires of the individual have not been dealt with nor identified properly.  Therefore, negative behavior and conflict with co-workers and friends still remains without permanent results.  Instead constant interruptions dealing with the manifestation of the negative behavior continues to cost corporations, large or small, families, and individuals billions of dollars annually. 

When someone demonstrates unacceptable behavior because their needs and desires are not being met, an objective behavioral profile is not sufficient in identifying those problem(s).  The objective profile that identifies ones personality is based upon the environmental focus of the individual answering the questions.  The focus could be as spouse, significant other, boss, friend, co-worker, employer, relative, or the local service station attendant.  This focus leads one away from the real issue(s) causing the individual inner turmoil.  Subjective behavior can only be determined by a subjective profile: a profile that subjectively measures the foundational needs and desires of the individual.  Once those needs and desires are identified and fulfilled, the personality or behavior of the individual becomes normal and acceptable instead of being constantly in conflict with others.  Dr. Worley could not locate a profile that would meet the specifications of measuring a persons needs and desires based upon that persons foundation. 

After years of research, beginning with the Classical Behavioral Patterns and moving through a process of evaluating the most popular instruments on the market, Dr. Worley decided to develop Worleys ID Profile (WIDP).  The need for a profile of this nature became obvious after years of counseling and consulting.  Dr. Worley feels that the most significant behavioral problem existing today is the lack of people understanding his/her basic needs and desires based upon his/her behavior make up. 

The intent and objective of Worleys ID Profile is not to measure intelligence or mental disorders, but to measure needs and desires that are basic to the individual being profiled.  There are many other fine instruments for measuring intellect, mental disorders, and personality types.  But there is lacking a questionnaire that will get to the heart of the individual and identify his/her based on who he/she are foundationally.  Assisted by consultants, counseling professionals, and computer programmers, Dr. Worley asked the question,

"What would the ideal profile look like?"

Months later the creation of a temperament profile was complete and the answer to the above question was proclaimed. It's name: Worley's ID Profile!

Worley's ID Profile (WIDP) is the answer. WIDP stands for:

Worley's W
IIdentity:Identify Your Inner Needs and Desires
DDiscovery:Dare To Become All You Can Be 

Once clinicians and individuals experience the WIDP temperament profile, they immediately see the tremendous benefits of the report the software program produces.  Its fast, easy, economical, reliable and dependable.  Corporations and individuals benefit equally.  Worleys ID Profile far surpasses the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator (M.B.T.I.), Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis (T.J.T.A.); Preventive Index, Caliper, Fundamental Individual Relational Orientation - Behavior (FIRO-B)(FIRO-BC); Personal Profile Survey (P.P.S.)(A.K.A.: DiSC); Temperament Analysis Profile (TAP), Temperament by Tim LaHaye and Florence Littauer.

Worleys ID Profile is the most reliable and innovative temperament profile of the twenty-first century.  Try it today and see for yourself!

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