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Frequently Asked Questions about Testing

What are the applications that Worley's ID Profile can be applied?


Has a psychometric evaluation been done on the WIDP?

Yes! The evaluation has been completed and the results are very favorable in construct validity as well as reliability. A formal report is available upon request and can be review at our web site online under the hyper-link "Psychometrics".

Is there a comparison of the WIDP temperament profile to other similar instruments?

Yes! At the hyper-link "Psychometrics" you will find several comparison of other instruments such as the MBTI, DiSC, PPS, FIRO-B, FIRO-B/C, TAP, T-JTA, and Temperament by LaHaye.

Does Worley's ID Profile produce a mental diagnosis?

No! WIDP does not diagnosis mental disorders but is able to determine if the individual is emotionally stable enough to complete the questionnaire accurately. The interpretive report will verify whether or not the individual competently answered the question. Through clinical interpretation the interpretative report can be used as an assessment instrument for checking and balancing the validity of the results of the profile.

Does Worley's ID Profile measure intelligence?

No! However, WIDP does assesses the subjective behavior modality of the individual which does identify whether or not the individual is analytical and or intellectual. If the individual is predisposed as analytical and/or intellectual they would obviously have the potential to increase their intelligence.

Does Worley's ID Profile measure one's ability?

No! WIDP does not measure one's ability but does assess and identify their needs and desires which will complement their potential abilities for learning new skills.

Does Worley's ID Profile measure maturity?

No! WIDP does assess ones "perception of self" and their "emotional orientation" which can determine how well they accept their own temperament composition as well as the temperament composition of others. Therefore, WIDP does verify and identify one's competence to be untroubled with themselves and with others.

Does Worley's ID Profile measure self-esteem?

No! WIDP does not evaluate self-esteem at this time. However, there is factored data within the present questionnaire that will provide data for future research and development of a self-esteem section of the present interpretative report.

Does Worley's ID Profile measure anger?

No! WIDP does not evaluate anger at this time. However, there is factored data within the present questionnaire that will provide data for future research and development of a section on anger that will be available in a later version.

Does Worley's ID Profile interface with the ICD (International Classification of Diseases) or the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-Version IV)?


Is Worley's ID Profile similar to the MBTI?

No! The MBTI is an objective behavioral instruments classifying an individual within one of sixteen categories of behavior. Worley's ID Profile is an objective and subjective temperament instrument that reveals the individuals "needs and desires" in three areas: Social, Leadership and Relationship. It further shows how the three areas interface with each other. There are 55,488 possible combinations one could have in their temperament classification with WIDP profile.

Does the program build a data base of individuals who have been profiled?

Yes! The software builds a data base of profiled individuals that can be printed out and the system will also print out index cards. Names in the data base can be deleted when no longer required or needed.

Can an individual be profiled more than once?

Yes! Each time you profile the individual the date profiled is registered on the "information screen" of that individual. Therefore, all you have to do is highlight the previous date of their profile you want to re-printed, or you can enter the present date to re-profile for comparison to previous profiles.

Can the profile be taken "on screen?"

Yes! Individuals can either take the "Adult or Youth" profile"on screen" or you can print a hard copy questionnaire for individuals to fill out and then enter their responses manually.

How long does the profile take to complete?

Seven to ten (7-10) minutes!

Can you skip questions and leave them blank?

No! Every question must be complete or the profile is invalid.

How am I to answer the question?

WIDP interpretive reports are based on sixty simple questions, which can be answered within the computer software program or on a printed questionnaire form for future entry into the computer.

Individuals or groups of individuals preparing to complete WIDP questionnaire need to be instructed on the following guidelines before completing the questionnaire:

WIDP Profile Questionnaire Instructions:

  • Complete the information at the top of the questionnaire sheet; name, date of birth, sex, education, and race. This information must be completed.
  • Please answer the questions carefully.
  • Do not analyze or compare the questions!
  • Answer each question as though it were a stand alone question.
  • Your first response is the best response.
  • All questions must be answered.

It should take about seven to ten (7 - 10) minutes to answer all sixty (60) questions.

Can it be used with any audience?

Yes! As long as the individuals have the intelligence and reasoning abilities to be able to understand the questions and respond properly. However, there may be cultural differences in the meaning of words and this obviously would affect the end results.

Can an individual answer Worley's ID Profile questionnaire incorrectly?

Yes! There are two possibilities should one not agree with their individual profile.

  1. Learned behavior. Perhaps the person is the exact behavior as Worley's ID Profile report indicates but they were "tampered with" or "molded" into someone else. This of course, would create a tremendous amount of stress, anxiety, unhappiness, and even anger.

  2. They simply did not respond to the questions honestly. It is possible that they were answering the questions from the premise of "who they think they should be" and "how they should answer."

FAQ's About Software Training

Is Worley's ID Profile training recognized by any professional agencies?

Yes! Worley's ID Profile, Inc. Is registered as a certified agency by the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC). WIDP issues CEU's for those who attend the WIDP training.

Does the use of Worley's ID Profile require formal training?

Yes! There are two different certification training programs available for those who desire in depth understanding of WIDP. Certification for individuals and Certified Affiliate.

1. Certified Affiliate. A WIDP Affiliate must be Certified by WIDP.

An Affiliate must have a background of high level selling experience, stand up speaking or training skills, and ideally sales management experience.  To become a Certified Affiliate requires three (3) days of training. All Affiliate activity shall be under the umbrella of WIDP.

Affiliate is responsible for quality of WIDP related work conducted by authorized representatives for Affiliate clients. Each employee of Affiliate with access to the WIDP materials will be required to execute a Confidentiality Agreement.

2. Certified Individuals. A Certified individual must have a background of high level experience at stand up platform speaking or training skills.  To become a Certified Individual requires two (2) days of training. All Certification activity shall be under the umbrella of WIDP.

Certified individuals is responsible for quality of WIDP related training conducted by authorized representatives for Certified Individual clients.

Are there any category of persons not required to complete the certification training for clinical recognition?

Yes! There are three categories of people that are not required to complete the certification training. However, they can only be certified as Certified Individuals. If these individuals want to be certified as Affiliates they must complete the three day certification training program.

The three exempt categories are:

  1. If you are a licensed professional counselor and have current state license from the state you reside in you are exempt from the certification training. The following category of licensure are exempt: Psychiatrist, psychologist, mental health clinical counselor, marriage & family therapist, license social worker, license independent social worker, licensed pastoral counselor.
  2. If you hold a master's degree in psychology, counseling, or any related field and have completed graduate studies in psychometry or testing and measurements, you are exempt. Certified copy of transcript required as proof of course completion.
  3. If you are registered as a C level psychological instrument user with any of the primary psychological publishing houses i.e.; Consulting Psychologists' Press (CPP), Western Psychological Institute (WPI), etc. you are exempt from the certification training. Proof of registration required.

Are there training and seminar programs available to teach the process, theory and application of Worley's ID Profile Software System?

Yes! WIDP, Inc. provides training depending upon the needs of the end user. There are one, two, three, and four day training seminars designed for individual, group or organizations. Call 1-978-448-2047 for programs and financial quotes.

Are there any special credentials that I am required to obtain before I can be certified to use Worley's ID Profile Software System?

No! However you must become a Certified Individual or Certified Affiliate. Certified Individual and the Certified Affiliate Training Affiliates get “FREE WIDP SOFTWARE.”

FAQ's about Hardware

What computers requirements are necessary for the WIDP software?

To successfully install and operate Worley's ID Profile (WIDP), you need:

  • * Microsoft Windows(tm) compatible 386-PC or higher computer with minimum 640K memory.
  • Microsoft Windows(tm) version 3.1 or 
    Windows 95/98/200
  • Hard disk drive with 10MB of space available
  • 4 MB RAM (8MB recommended)
  • CD Rom and 3.5 disk on special order.
  • Color or monochrome VGA monitor
  • Attached printer

* TM is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation

Is there a special size or model of printer required to print the profiles?

No! The program will print on any printer. The speed of the printer will determine the rate of printing the profiles.

Is there a Macintosh version?


Can the software be installed on more than one computer?

Yes! But you are required to register with Worley's ID Profile, Inc and purchase the program each time the program is installed on any additional computer(s). Or you can purchase the multi-user system that can accommodate unlimited stations at one time.

FAQ's about Software

What profiles does the WIDP program produce?

Adult and Youth (ages 6-16 )profiles are available.

What type of media does Worley's ID Profile software come on?

The software is provided on CD Rom and can be downloaded from the internet. (Special order 3.5" disks)

Will the software ever be available over the Internet?

Yes! WIDP is in the process of making the entire program available for downloading on the Internet.

Can profiles be taken on the Internet now?

Yes!  Your profile can be returned to you electronically or first class mail

What is the difference between objective and subjective temperament?

Objective Temperament

Objective behavior is the behavior one displays depending upon the environment they find themselves in which is self-selected, also known as "masking." Subjective Temperament:

Subjective behavior, which Worley's ID Profile identifies, is the inborn or genetic temperament one has inherited from birth. The individual will always revert to and be more comfortable when they are functioning from their subjective temperament style. Their subjective temperament style is steady, stable, and consistent regardless of the environment.

What temperament, psychological, behavioral, or personalities classifications does Worley's ID Profile use?

Worley's ID Profile uses the standard classifications of other instruments: melancholy, phlegmatic, choleric, sanguine and introverted sanguine. Blends of the five are used also, i.e. phlegmatic melancholy, choleric phlegmatic, introverted sanguine phlegmatic, etc. Your individual identification in each of the three areas of Social, Leadership, and Relationship is determined by where your individual score falls on a continuum of zero (0) introvert to nine (9) extrovert. Each of the three areas of Social, Leadership, and Relationship are evaluated in the two areas of Demonstrated and Desired behavior.

What is Demonstrated Score and Desired Score?

In each of the three areas Social, Leadership, and Relationships there is a linear bar graph representation like this:

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

An individual's scores will be reflected twice in each of the three areas of Social, Leadership, and Relationships, one Demonstrated Score and one Desired Score. The Demonstrated Score indicates how the client prefers to act toward other people. The Desired Score indicates the client's preferred behavior from others toward him/her. For further explanation of the Demonstrated Score and the Desired Score please refer to the Users Manual Section 2.2 Overview of Worley's ID Profile (WIDP).

Can Worley's ID Profile be used in non-English speaking countries?

Yes! If there is someone to interpret the questionnaire for them. There is a danger of losing the meaning of some words and the results could be negatively affected, thus rendering unreliable results.

Will Worley's ID Profile be available in other languages?

Yes!  WIDP is presently available in Portuguese and Spanish, adult and youth.

What do I do if I have problems with my software program?

Worley's ID Profile Software Program has a built in Error Log that records any errors that occur within the system. Once an error has occurred we request that you print out the Error Log and fax or send it to WIDP at 978-448-3910. We determine the error and correct it or send you new software.

How many profiles can I purchase at one time?

As many as you would like! Minimum purchase is ten (10) profiles.

Is the program copyrighted?

Yes! Worley's ID Profile Software Program was copyrighted in 1995-2001 and registered with the Copyright Office in Washington, DC.

Can I make back-up copies of the software when I receive it?

Yes! You are instructed to make one back-up copy of the software.

Will the program run under DOS?

No! It is a Windows 95/98/2000, NT and CE program.

Is Worley's ID Profile Software Program security protected?

Yes! Each person registered has their own password that is required to be entered each time you open the program.

Is the Multi-User security protected?

Yes! Each Multi-User registered program is security protected. Although with the Multi-User Program all registered individuals use the same "pool" still each registered individual files are security protected from other "pool" users.

How long does it take the printer to print a profile?

It depends on the speed of your printer and how much RAM it has. It will take from one (1) to five (5) minutes depending upon your printer configuration.

How many pages is the printed profile?

The printed profiles are fifteen to eighteen pages in length.

Are there different formats of the profile to be printed?

Yes! There are two, "Enhanced" and "Un-enhanced." The "enhanced version" has borders around each page plus additional graphics. The "un-enhanced version" has no borders on each page and fewer graphic borders.

FAQ's about Ordering

Can Worley's ID Profile Software Program be purchased on credit?

Yes! Worley's ID Profile Inc. has arrangements with a finance company that will approve all requests for financial assistance through Worley's ID Profile, Inc..

Can I purchase the training, software, and profiles with a credit card?

Yes! We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Orders can be accepted over the phone.

Can I purchase the software with a personal or business check?

Yes! There is a five working day hold on the shipment to ensure your check clears.

Can I become a distributor of Worley's ID Profile?

Yes! You would be required to complete the certification training and sign a Non-exclusive Independent Contractor Agreement. Provide Worley's ID Profile, Inc. with a description of your marketing experience and the audience you would be targeting along with the geographical territory you intended to target for marketing.

FAQ's about Training

How often is the certification training offered?

Certification training will be offered on the following dates:

Certification Training Schedule

Included: All training materials
Not included: Meals, lodging and travel expenses

Where will the training be conducted?

The certification training will be conducted at:

Worley's ID Profile, Inc.
44 Farmers Row
Groton, MA 01450-1802
Office: (978) 448-2047
Fax: (978) 448-3910

Where is the nearest lodging?

Lodging Information:

Groton Stagecoach Inn
128 Main Street Groton, MA 01450
Phone: (978) 448-5614
Rates all seasons: Single $79.29, Double $89.85, Suite $126.84
Transportation: Fifteen minute walk or two minutes by car

Holiday Inn Boxborough Woods
One Adams PlaceBR> Boxborough, MA 01719
Phone: (978) 263-8701
FAX: (978) 266-9429
Rates: Single $129.00, Double $132.00, Priority Club $109.00 - $129.00,
Corporate, $109.00 - $129.00
Full restaurant, athletic room and indoor pool
Transportation: Twenty minutes by car.

Westford Regency
219 Littleton Road
Westford, MA 01886
Phone: (978) 692-8200
Rates: Single $89 Double $97
Indoor Pool, Sauna Health Club, Two Restaurants, Lounge
Transportation: Fifteen minutes by car.

The Raddisson Heritage
10 Independence Drive
Chelmsford, MA 01824
Phone: (978) 256-0800
Rates: Executive Suite $119.00
Bed & Breakfast $109.00 (Included full breakfast for two)
Single $99.00, Double $99.00
Restaurant, Lounge
Transportation: Twenty minutes by car.

Col. Tarbell House (Bed and Breakfast)
Peg and George Wheatley
P.O. Box 36
16 West Groton
West Groton, MA 01450
Brick house before Rivercourt Residential
Double $60.00
Single $50.00
Full Breakfast
Can accommodate five (5) individuals; one double bed in one room, two singles in one room, one single room, and all share the same bath.
Closed February & March
Transportation: 3-5 minute drive

Is there ground transportation available?

Yes! The following are available.


Flight Line
(800) 245-2525
$35.00 One Way From Manchester, NH to Westford Regency
$26.00 One Way From Boston, MA to Westford Regency
$35.00 One Way From Manchester, NH to the Raddisson Heritage
$26.00 One Way From Boston, MA to the Raddisson Heritage

US Shuttle
(800) 449-4240
$14.00 One Way From Boston, MA to Westford Regency
$14.00 One Way From Boston to the Raddisson Heritage

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