W14 Book "Inside Insight"

W14 Book "Inside Insight"



W14 Book "Inside Insight" The Answers You've Been Looking For..."

Dr. Worley is the author of "Inside Insight" (2019, HarperCollins), a book in which he reveals how he came to develop the WIDP.  “Inside Insight” is the “Counselor Handbook” “Mapping Guide,” for developing a deeper understanding of WIDP and temperament if you are not WIDP Certified. "Inside Insight" is also for the average person who wants to understand themselves better and others around them.

Professionals and clients alike can follow their temperaments in this charted script. Understanding WIDP will be the temperament development of your psychological framework. Your temperament identity will be discovered! That will improve your quality of life forever!

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Professionals, uncover what compassionate people your clients really are! Dr. John W. Worley's book gives you answers – identifying their temperament design!  Bring them face-to-face with their self in a real time. They will be amazed, and so will you because WIDP it is so effective!


Why write another book? You!

That why I wrote this book!

Because I care about you and your future and the quality of your life, good or bad? I choose the “GOOD” for you and want to show you how valuable you are as a person.

As a clinical psychologist, I found a tremendous gap in the lack of understanding in the flaws of

humanity and the challenging remedy of cognitive behavioral therapy and quality assessment

instruments. After spending many years as a clinician, I became increasingly burdened with the

single question as to a missing link. “Why isn’t the systemic processes taught working?” The

formal education, licensures, certifications, diplomas, and degrees plus being certified on the

most popular assessments instruments available in the market, left me feeling like knowledge

betrayed me? Or was it a lousy process assessment to start with “personality, character, or behavior perhaps?”

You cannot have confidence any of the assessments, they will betray logic.

I saw the same individuals, couples, and families returning time after time with the same

problems and getting the same results – which amounted to short-term fixes. However, there

were never any permanent positive results, primarily because none of the available “tools”

addressed the fundamental, underlying problems that were causing these people pain. I spent

thousands of dollars in becoming certified on multiple Character, Personality, and Behavioral

instruments, and they all let me down, in the end, providing no long-lasting solutions to life’s

complicated issues that clutter the mind and distort truth and rob individuals of their quality of

being emotional, spiritually, and physically. I was frustrated, to say the least, that I could not

provide more answers for them. I knew there was more to offer.

So, I created Worley’s Identity Discovery Profile (WIDP) aka Worley’s ID Profile. It is a 60

questions questionnaire that only takes 10 – 15 minutes to complete. That data entered into a

software program and a 16 – 18 pages' assessment of the individual WIDP Profile generated and



I have trained hundreds of individuals on the use and application of WIDP for every life

application for:

Counselors, Corporations, Executive Development, Pastors, Leadership Development, Sales

Management, Marketing, Upward Mobility, Change Agent Developer, People

Developers, New Hire Assessment, are being changed using WIDP every day in every

area of Human Resource and Management.


This is the first edition of inside Insight but the second edition is coming out in a couple of months. This volume is the Temperament Expert's Manual that should be on every professionals bookshelf with worn edges. Temperament is understanding the true design of human nature not the mask that we see but the person that we know.  When you look in a mirror no one knows who that person is except you! That is your temperament! That's what this book is about. Your Temperament!