Worley's ID Profile Software System

Worley's ID Profile Software System is a direct development of Worley's ID Profile, the widely-used learning system designed to help individuals better understand their own natural temperament and the temperament of the paper instrument with the computer technology now readily available.

The response portion of the new system is different than the earlier version of Worley's ID Profile. The interpretation, however, is an expanded and application-oriented. In the paper instrument it is necessary to provide interpretive information for all temperament styles. Therefore, the amount of information for any one person is somewhat limited. With modern computer technology it is possible to produce a much more detailed interpretive report focused specifically on the individual respondent.

The various interpretive reports generated by the software system provides descriptive information about a person's temperament, as well as action strategies to increase that person's effectiveness and to manage or relate with that person more effectively.

The interpretive reports are designed to be used as an extension of Worley's ID Profile System. They are intended to be part of a plan to better understand ones self and others. They are a significant part of a learning process leading to personal and professional growth and increased effectiveness in inter-personal relationships in the work environment as well as with social, casual, or intimate relationships. They are not intended to be used in a discriminatory or punitive manner. The positive contributions of each person's temperament pattern are emphasized. Possible limitations are stated in a clear and forthright, non-judgmental manner. Any of these possible temperament limitations can be overcome, provided the person is willing to make the effort required and has the opportunity to learn any required skills necessary for change.

Worley's ID Profile assumes that any person is capable of using a temperament style, whether introversion or extroversion, to meet the behavioral requirements of any role or situation. Nonetheless, each person will find some behaviors quite comfortable and easy to use. Other behaviors, however, may be very uncomfortable and require considerable effort, especially if these behaviors need to be continued over an extended period of time. The interpretive reports are intended to provide sufficient information about a person to enable that person to make informed choices about his or her personal and professional development. They are also intended to provide information to those people who interact with them, to enable them to make informed choices as to the most effective way to relate to this person.



Worley's ID Profile provides a comprehensive assessment of needs, desires and interpersonal behaviors in three fundamental areas of life: Social, Leadership and Relationship. This temperament assessment is drawn from the individual's responses to the 60-item Worley's ID Profile questionnaire. Worley's ID Profile is a psychometrically-approved questionnaire, is based on the premise that Social, Leadership and Relationship scores can assist the user in understanding and predicting a persons behavior.

Worley's ID Profile enables you, the user, to quickly assess the individual's strengths and weaknesses, target potential conflicts, and develop sound communication strategies for future dialog sessions. The individual's understanding of self will be greatly enhanced, increasing the potential for a fulfilled and balanced life. With increased self-awareness, the individual will enjoy greater success in interpersonal relationships.

Worley's ID Profile gives you a detailed summary of an individuals three major life areas; Social, Leadership, and Relationship.

  1. SOCIAL PROFILE: General social/work orientation

    The Social Profile - Identifies the individual's needs and desires for socialization, work/school associations and other superficial relationships. Needs in this area may range from demonstrating and desiring minimal socialization, to demonstrating and desiring constant socialization. The Social Profile helps answer the question, "Who is in or out of relationships with this individual?"

  2. LEADERSHIP PROFILE: Independence/leadership needs

    The Leadership Profile - Identifies the individual's needs and desires for influencing others, making decisions and assuming responsibilities. Needs in this area may range from independence to dependence. The Leadership Profile helps answer the question, "Who maintains the power and makes decisions in relationships with this individual?"

  3. RELATIONSHIP PROFILE: Emotional involvement in close relationships

    The Relationship Profile - Identifies the individual's needs and desires in close relationships with family and friends. Needs may range from emotional relationships and expressions of love with many people, to isolation from emotional relationships. The Relationship Profile helps answer the question, "How emotionally open or closed to relationship is this individual?"

Worley's ID Profile defines these varying needs and desires, not as "right" or "wrong," but simply as individual differences and preferences. If the individual's life situation differs dramatically from his/her needs and desires in one or more of the areas, he/she is likely experiencing stress, conflict and anxiety in relationships. By teaching the individual about his/her unique needs, the user can utilize Worley's ID Profile to help the individual restore balance and peace to his/her life and relationships.

The individual will learn about his/her unique needs in these subcategories:

  • Social Needs and Desires
  • Independence Needs and Desires
  • Relationship Needs and Desires
  • Criteria for Relationships
  • Perception of Self
  • Perception by Others
  • Perception of Others
  • Intellectual Orientation
  • Emotional Orientation
  • Work Orientation
  • Motivation
  • Rejection/Acceptance Profile
  • Probable Strengths
  • Probable Weaknesses

Worley's ID Profile is a Windows-based, single or multi-user computer program, IBM and Mac versions, that generates a 14-18 page report.

  • For Use with Adults & Youth ages (6-16)
  • Simple to Use and Administer
  • Manual or Computer Use
  • Less Than Ten Minutes to Administer
  • Comprehensive, Reliable, All Inclusive
  • Identifies Inner Needs and Desires
  • Cost Effective
  • Same Form for Individuals or Corporations

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