Why We Need WIDP Temperament Profile?

The human race is experiencing tremendous levels of emotional and psychological pain. The most highly prescribed drugs are for anxiety and/or depressive disorders. Sharply rising are the numbers of psychologists, psychiatrists, psychics, astrologers, gurus, and the 900 telephone services, personality typing, behavior profiles, self-taught therapy, and whatever might offer relief from the confusion and discomfort, associated with emotional conflict. People from all walks of life, which include Corporate Managers, Human Resource Personnel Directors, Consultants, Educators, Trainers, families, and individuals are seeking cures for damaged relationships, identity crises, career indecisions, confusion and conflicts. Worley's Identity Discovery (WIDP) temperament profile offers and insightful summary in determining and individual's specific needs, desires, and interpersonal behaviors. The WIDP temperament profile clearly identifies three major life areas: Social Profile, Leadership Profile, and Relationship Profile, which accurately demonstrates that varying temperament needs and desires are not right or wrong but simply individual temperament differences and preferences. By teaching the individual about his/her unique needs, the user can utilize Worley's ID Profile to help the individual restore balance and peace in his/her life and relationships.

Relationships include, for many individuals, differing areas of life, in which the individual is called upon to successfully interact with various personalities and situations. The WIDP helps people to better comprehend themselves and others in relationship to temperament.
Social Profileidentifies the individual's temperament needs and desires for socialization, work, school, and other superficial relationships. The Social Profile helps answer the question, "Who is in or out of relationships with this individual?"
Leadership Profileidentifies the individual's temperament needs and desires for influencing others, making decisions, and assuming responsibilities. Needs may range from independence to dependence. The Leadership Profile helps answers the question, "Who maintains the power and makes decisions in relationships with this individual?"
Relationship Profileidentifies the individual's temperament needs and desires in close relationships with family and friends. Needs may range from relationships with expressions of love with many people to isolation. The Relationship Profile answers the question, "How emotionally open or closed to relationships is this individual?"

Worley's Identity Discovery Profile

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